Providing a high Security when you need it most.

Our Systems are installed in many iconic buildings and our travel app is used by VIPs

We take your Security to the next Level.

Operating in countries across the globe. supplying software to some of the largest companies in the world as well as a number of top businesses.

This Solution was devised by Partners who have operated in the Risk and Policing sectors for many years with a deep understanding of counter terrorism, both in the domestic and international arenas. Specific areas of expertise includes Maritime, Aviation, Territorial/Public Order, Special Events, Tactical Firearms, Risk, Diplomatic and Royalty Protection and Intelligence in Commercial, Government and Royal premises.

Client Satisfaction

Improved Corporate Governance

Improved Operational Efficiency

Client product expansion

A software system that offer resilience in building management and critical systems across a single site or a global portfolio. This unique system is designed for maximum scope and covers all areas of risk and mitigation for building management.

Innovative software app for the VIP traveler, on any web-enabled device. Proactive, fast time reporting tool dealing with any emergency or threat or injury. Mitigates and deals with risk assistance 24/7 in simple to use and highly effective way.

The Mobile App provides portable functionality of your Business Protect 24/7 system. Created for ease of use and implementation it will enhance your incident management capabilities and business resilience on the go.

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Some of our Industrial Sectors


We manage incidents of any scale and type and in any location. By providing effective information and resource sharing, thereby enhancing incident management and improved team performance.

Security Control Rooms

Providing a central control room monitoring for both cyber and physical security areas. All Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) are managed and stored in one format. This ensures a uniform and consistent manner of approach is taking by all staffs.

Critical Security Environment

Providing a means to manage resilience activities and occurrences. By allowing staffs/individuals report to their base or monitoring points and the ability to monitor locations and track the situation per person


Has the capability of adding key features and organizational protocols and also managing security related critical incidents such as hostage, kidnapping, threat to life e.t.c.

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