Keeping you and your Business
Safe and Secure is What we do.

At VPS Technologies Ltd we specialize in protecting your business from fire outbreak, burglary, intrusion and other security threats by providing video surveillance, access control, fire alarm systems and more.

Wired CCTV Systems

With this type of CCTV system, the cameras are connected to the recording device and monitor with the help of cables (standard coaxial, Unshielded twisted pair or fiber optic cables).

Benefits include;

Provides the best picture quality with zero interference.
can run from a single power supply.
Cameras can be located hundreds of meters away from the recording equipment.

Wireless CCTV Systems

With this  system, the cameras are connected without the need for cables to the monitoring centers. Videos are transmitted at specific wireless frequencies to the receiving hub.

Benefits include;

Wireless systems are cost effective and portable.
Best suited for temporary observation or temporary location.
Can be hidden to detect theft.
The device need not be in the same line of sight allowing observation of any place from another location.

CCTV Connection to Local Area Network

This enables CCTV video signals to be viewed through a LAN network, it is achieved by linking the recording machine to the network server with an IP.

Benefits include;

Improved management capabilities.
Lower cost of ownership.
Future-Proof IP System Technology.

CCTV mobile Monitoring

You may be in ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and still want to keep an eye on your business, with our Intelligent CCTV Surveillance System, you can view your premises live on your mobile phone and also be able to record live footage and play back as well on your mobile phone or iPad.

Benefits include;

Prevent losses that occur due to lack of supervision.
Provide remote monitoring whenever and wherever.
Quick access to security footage.