Take your Business to the Next Level

Helping companies to enhance efficiency and business productivity is what we do best. With a fast optical fibre backbone, Our MPLS IP-VPN network is safe and offers more bandwidth which only makes it more scalable. By allowing dynamic bandwidth allocation demanding users and mission critical applications can only enjoy it better.

Our MPLS IP-VPN is a high quality high performance network. That offers a cost-effective way for businesses to interconnect multiple sites – new sites can be added and old ones can be removed instantaneously.

Delivering a better service through

Reducing Cost by 10% to 25%.

With our MPLS-based services which are less expensive than legacy services. Your Organizations will see significant cost savings as you’ll be able to run various application services on this platform.

Connecting Multiple sites securely.

where our network is used to connect different sites, Both our core network and your address space is concealed 100%. This means that no information is revealed to third parties or the Internet.

A better Quality of Service.

Prioritizing latency-sensitive applications by specifying minimum QoS thresholds for various types of traffic thereby improving your business agility.

Improved Performance across Sites.

 With this connection owned and operated by VPS Technologies, who takes care of the routing based on your policies. It enhances a better performance across all your sites.

24/7 Support and Maintenance.

With this connection, there are provisions for pro-active monitoring and maintenance which guarantees you minimum downtime. Also by analyzing circuit performance continuously and providing immediate fault rectification and support.